Quilt Shows

quilts-3Quilt Shows have been a tradition among quilters for many years. There are literally hundreds of them to be seen each year all over the globe.

Almost every quilt guild will host an event to promote their passion and recognize everyone’s hard work and dedication. Don’t be deceived by the smaller size of these gatherings… there will be quilts of all levels and almost every guild will have their master-level quilters, innovative designers and colorists that love to share their skills and display their beautiful pieces.

The large national and international exhibits will have world-class teachers that share their expertise in workshops. There will be hundreds of quilts on display, their workmanship will exhaust your mind. Usually a large market area is available, which will be full of designers and shops selling their related wares.

Most of the links below are for large-scale shows. If you are planning a vacation and want it to be all about quilts… they will keep you busy for several days. Make sure you book your hotel very early, even the large centers will run out of hotel space. Take your most comfortable pair of shoes, you will literally walk miles to see all the exhibits on display. And don’t forget to leave room in your luggage or take an extra suitcase to accommodate the great treasures you won’t be able to resist at the quilting markets!

When I went to Houston with my friend, we spent three to four hours a day at the International Quilt Show. The rest of the day we spent sight-seeing in the area or relaxing in the hotel. We found that even three hours of looking at quilts is overwhelming for the brain… by making shorter day trips to the show, we managed to see everything and take it all in mentally. And we still had time to shop!

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