Quilting Tours

france-abbyAnother sure way to relax and enjoy yourself is by embarking on quilting tours. Either travel and meet new friends, or rally a group of fellow quilters to take a trip and explore a part of the world you haven’t experienced before. Imagine you and all of your good friends seeing the quilting world in all its unique cultures, experiencing the local food and sharing stories and laughter about the trip for years afterword.

Tours can vary in length from a couple of days to three weeks. They can take place as a bus trip, a cruise or a combination of flight, bus and cruise. For those of you travelling by bus or van, be sure you will be comfortable sitting for extended periods of time while you travel from one destination to the next. Always take comfortable travel clothing and some good shoes!

Although these links are provided for you, it is ultimately up to you to do your homework and make sure the quilting tours are what you are after. Always research the company thoroughly before sending any money for a deposit. Check out the cancellation policy in case of any health issues that could come up before the trip. Also, make sure to review the schedule carefully… the whole point of the vacation is to see quilts, quilt stores or quilt-related sights, so make sure you’re getting what you want!

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